Chapter 1 – Liars

Typically, my social feed is fun pics of weddings or selfies with couples. Sometimes I need to ensure folks realize the value of a good DJ and I post about that, too 😉 However, once #weddingSZN slows down, my content drops off.

So I’ve decided to kick you some knowledge on what we as DJs see from the other side of the wedding. Welcome to the first installment of the DJ Crush Memoirs. Chapter 1 is LYING.

Seems weird, huh? Lying? Like what is there to lie about on this monumental day?! Well, guests can be liars. As you all know (or maybe don’t—if you don’t know now ya know, now ya know), I stay in as much contact as possible with my clients. Meetings, phone calls, FaceTimes, texts, FB messages, whatever. We talk about everything from schedule of events to bridal party names to songs to surprises. So by the time the big day rolls around, there’s like a 0.1% chance that I missed something that you folks want on your big day.

We hop on into the dance portion of the evening and the floor is pretty packed up. A variety of tunes to get things started, so I can read the crowd and see who my dancers are. Well here comes the LIAR, lol. A guest of the wedding or possibly even a member of the bridal party will hop on up to the DJ table.

“The bride wants *insert obscure non-fun song*. It’s her favorite. It will make this place go nuts.”

So I look at them with a confused face and think to myself, “the crowd is having a good time. I spoke with the bride and groom for months, sometimes over a year about what they want and not ONCE has this song you’re mentioning ever come up in conversation.”

So I respond, I will see if I can fit it in. This IS genuine. I know a lot of people think DJs just brush you off; some may. I will add it to my list of songs to play and if I feel that I can make it work, I will play it. Maybe not the whole thing, but at least a little. Maybe just the hook. But if it’s so ridiculous that it doesn’t have any business being played or it’s on the do not playlist, it’s not seeing the light of day. Sorry, I’m not sorry.

Wedding Guests: please be aware this is NOT your day. You’ve either already had your day, your day is coming…or you’re never going to have a day (again, sorry!), but remember, this day is about two people that made a lifetime commitment to one another. I’m not playing track 2 off of Tha Carter IV or the first dance song from your wedding. There are 100 some guests at this event, so let’s consider the party and the couple, not your wack song request.

Also, do NOT go and grab the bride/groom to get their approval. They’re enjoying their evening. Don’t be selfish and pull them away from the party because you HAVE to hear this “banger”. Go to the bathroom or hop outside for a smoke break. Toss on your jam on your phone. Enjoy it and then come back to the party.

Stop lyin’ homie.


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